How to order Gumshara delivery

  1. Choose dishes and popup the window.

  2. Enter the quantity and Press [+ ADD TO MY ORDER] button.

  3. Click/Tap the [Specific time] and Choose date and time.
    * Please note, Your preferred delivery time is only used as a guide and not guranteed. We will try to deliver within your preferred day.

  4. Press the [ORDER NOW] button.

  5. Enter the delivery address without unit number and select from the address candidate. [?]

  6. Enter the Unit number or more address detail and presss [CONTINUE] button. [?]

  7. Enter your contact details and presss the [CONTINUE] button.

  8. Please select payment method (Gumshara accept credit card only) and fillin the detail and presss the [CONTINUE] button.

  9. Please check all your detail and order then presss the [CONFIRM ORDER] button.

Tap the map and check the delivery area or

Check the postcode list.